L’Association du Patrimoine et du Folklore « APF » (Association of Patrimony and Folklore) was founded in 2017.

As the name indicates, the activities of APF are oriented on protection and promotion of world´s cultural heritage.
By its numerous events (festivals, cultural shows and meetings…) it preserves the patrimony of each country encouraging many people to travel and enrich others by their traditions.
The World Folklore Festival of amateur folklore artists has been organised in co-operation with its partners :agencies H-Kal and Millennium.
The first big festival has been held in Marrakech whose Old Medina is on the World Heritage List – the Ocher City is the cradle of Moroccan, African and world folklore. Many events have been held there.

A dynamic of the peace culture

Today together the artists, festival-goers, organizers and volunteers are the authors of the success.
The world is of all colors, it blooms in a multicolored and fraternal harmony on our scenes, in our streets, but especially in
our hearts. is not a curiosity, he is a brother, a friend who comes with wealth that he is happy to share, he is amazing and he is amazed.
Tears are only to be tears of intense happiness, laughter a challenge to injustice, to the aggression that ravages our world.
Be with the APF sowers of peace, generosity and hope.