Born and raised in Marrakech, his beloved city, Youssef HASSANI is a young Morrocan aged
33, who has been specializing in the field of event management since his graduation. He has
had opportunity to work as artistic director of various festivals abroad (Czech Republic,
Germany, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, China).
In 2015 he was named associate director of « Prague Folklore Days » : a world folklore festival
taking place since 2006 in the beautiful Czech capital Prague, where he has been living for
several years now.
He feels reallx carried away by the aspect which, according to his experience, reinforces the tourism of the host
country through the exchange of cultures which are held in a remarkable duration annually and in a place where
all the countries of the world unite.
Thus, he had the idea to create the Association of Heritage and Folklore, determined to achieve these goals and
launch a new edition of the festival in his hometown Marrakech.
At each stage of the event, he tries with his team to introduce the history; the culture and traditions of the ocher
city to the guest groups from around the world.