We aspire to create a multicultural meeting bringing together different traditions and ways of life.
As a result, the Moroccan public will have a unique chance to become familiar with dances and music from other parts of the world.
Participants will have the opportunity to visit Morocco precisely Marrakech, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
In addition to the tourist program, the groups will be able to get acquainted with the traditions, the gastronomy and the Moroccan way of life.
The festival is intended to getting to know each other, to share traditions, to make new friends and to promote Moroccan culture and the city of Marrakech.
It is mainly aimed at amateur groups who are trained to maintain the songs, dances and costumes that disappear and exist largely thanks to them.
The ideas we want to implement are:

  •  Create a world folk festival by hosting non professional folk groups from around the world and who especially want to emphasize their national or ethnic roots .
  • Exhibit a wide variety of costumes and folk dances in the heart of the Ocher City .
  • Present our cultural heritage and tourism through this event by inviting Moroccan and African folk groups.
  • Invite Moroccan and foreign public to Marrakech .
  •  Valorize and make discover the territory and its inheritance to people coming from elsewhere by integrating it tothe festival.
  • to promote and make discover the region and its inheritance to people coming from elsewhere by integrating it to the festival.